How much do Cardioton capsules cost, where to buy, price in Nigeria

With the growing popularity of Cardioton capsules, questions about where to buy it, how much it costs in Nigeria and how to order this remedy safely have become more frequent. In this article, we will try to provide comprehensive information and answers to all these questions.

How much do Cardioton capsules cost, where to buy, price in Nigeria
Cardioton. Buy on the official website

Cardioton: How much does it cost, price

Cardioton’s price always reflects a fair and mutually beneficial value for both the manufacturer and consumers. Several factors influence the price, and first and foremost is of course the inclusion of high quality natural ingredients. In addition, the production process itself, adherence to strict quality standards, scientific research and the cost of sales organization play a role in the formation of the final price.

It is worth noting that when ordering capsules through the official website of the company there is a permanent discount of 50%.

cardioton capsule price

Cardioton. Buy on the official website

Cardioton: Pharmacy, Amazon, ebay, online stores

While traditional pharmacies, online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, and various online stores offer convenience and accessibility, it’s important to highlight that the manufacturer strongly discourages obtaining Cardioton from these sources. Statistics for the period 2022-2023 indicate that about 80-90% of products on the Nigerian market are counterfeit.

The reasons for this situation are several:

  • First, fraudsters are becoming increasingly sophisticated with quality imitations of packaging and labeling.
  • Secondly, the supply chain of such drugs in traditional pharmacies is complex and involves many intermediaries. And at every stage there is a possibility of counterfeit products getting into the distribution network.

Amazon and eBay, popular online marketplaces, also face the problem of counterfeit products. These platforms employ a huge number of third-party sellers, making it difficult to strictly control the quality of the products presented. The anonymity of online sellers further complicates the problem as it becomes difficult to trace and prosecute those responsible for selling counterfeit products.

Given these concerns, we strongly recommend purchasing Cardioton exclusively from the manufacturer’s official website.

Official site

The manufacturer’s official website is the best and safest option for purchasing Cardioton capsules.


  • Favorable prices: The manufacturer often offers discounts and special promotions on its official website.
  • Authenticity Guarantee: 100% guarantee of the authenticity of the product.
  • Customer Support: The company has a separate customer support service (free service).

where to buy cardioton

Cardioton. Buy on the official website

How to buy on the official website

  1. Fill out the order form on the website
    Only your name and phone number are required to fill it out.
  2. Expect a call from a specialist
    After sending your order, expect a confirmation call from a representative of the company.
  3. Payment after delivery
    One of the advantages of ordering on the official website is the ability to pay for Cardioton only after its delivery. This allows you to inspect the product and make sure of its authenticity.

Delivery to cities in Nigeria

The company delivers to all cities and towns in Nigeria. Below is the list of top 20 most popular delivery cities.

Port Harcourt
Benin City

Whether you reside in the bustling metropolis of Lagos or in the serene city of Uyo, Cardioton’s delivery services are designed to ensure that you receive your order swiftly and efficiently.

How much do Cardioton capsules cost, where to buy, price in Nigeria

Cardioton. Buy on the official website

Main conclusions and summary

Main Points Explanations and Characteristics
Cardioton Purchase Locations – We recommend purchasing only from the manufacturer’s official website.
Counterfeit Product Risks – High risk of encountering counterfeit Cardioton in pharmacies and online marketplaces, with up to 80-90% of turnover being counterfeit.
Official Website Purchase – Buying from the official website ensures authentic, competitively priced products, always in stock, secure transactions, and reliable customer support.
Ordering on Official Website – Simple process: Fill out a form with name and phone number, confirmation call, payment upon delivery.
Delivery to Cities in Nigeria – Cardioton delivers to any city in Nigeria, employing technology, professionalism, and exceptional service for efficient and reliable delivery.
Popular Cities for Delivery – Cardioton delivers to 20 popular cities in Nigeria, including Lagos, Kano, Ibadan, and others.

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Is it safe to buy Cardioton from Amazon or eBay?
It is not recommended, as there is a high risk of encountering counterfeit products on these platforms. Buying from the official website is the safest option.
What is the price of Cardioton?
The price may vary, but you can often find competitive pricing on the official website, where discounts and promotions are frequently offered.
How do I order Cardioton from the manufacturer's official website?
Simply fill out the order form on the official website with your name and phone number, and a company representative will contact you for confirmation and delivery.
Can I pay for Cardioton after delivery?
Yes, when ordering from the official website, you have the option to pay for Cardioton only upon delivery.
Are there any discounts available for Cardioton purchases?
Yes, at the time of writing, there is often a 50% discount offered when ordering through the official website.
What are the risks of purchasing Cardioton from traditional pharmacies?
Traditional pharmacies often carry counterfeit products, so there's a substantial risk of unknowingly purchasing fake Cardioton. It's advisable to buy from the official website for authenticity and safety
How much do Cardioton capsules cost, where to buy, price in Nigeria
Cardioton. Treatment of hypertension and atherosclerosis with natural remedies
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